Unexpected benefits from covid

What did you do with your time off over the Covid-19 shutdown earlier this year? 

I’ve heard about many people starting gardens, learned how to make bread, tried many different recipes, and did a lot of crafting and art projects. A lot. Plus there are unexpected benefits that came from this “down time”.  New habits, new realizations.

I heard many people share about how much they enjoyed not having to get dressed up and put makeup on to go to work or out and about. Some people complained about having to put makeup when their zoom calls started. Some just didn’t wear makeup at all. Which one were you?

There is freedom and a lot of benefits with not putting makeup on all the time. You don’t have makeup melting off or melting into your eyes. You can get to do the fun stuff faster. (Applying and removing makeup at least 10 mins a day adds up to 61 hours a year.) Plus you eliminate the stress of trying to draw that perfect brow or perfect eyeliner everyday.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of permanent makeup, it is essential to have a consultation with a highly trained and qualified artist. This is not a service you want to bargain shop for and you will want to see actual photos of their work.  

With our new normal and the need to wear masks everywhere we go now, all we can see are the eyes and eyebrows. Those eyes need to look great and show off!

How would you like to experience the freedom of not putting makeup on and still look great like you were wearing makeup?  Natural permanent makeup treatments are a great solution and people won’t know its permanent makeup.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to look for an artist who will keep you safe with covid precautions. Additionally someone who can make your makeup look natural.

Schedule your complimentary consultation now with Cheryl and explore how to free yourself up for more fun and have beautiful eyes too.

Things are different now

When the editor of the Willamette Living magazine asked me to share about what I did over the shut down or what would be different about my business due to COVID19, it took me back to my school days when we would share about what we did over the summer. Certainly I won’t share all the details of the rollercoaster…but here are a few highlights.

            Eat, sleep, worry, pray, eat sleep some more, (don’t get on the scales)

            Worked on some business planning

            Navigated the EIDL and PPP programs (eyes rolling)

            Built a couple raised beds and planted a vegetable garden

            Painted my kitchen

And now that we are returning to opening businesses, there are some changes my business will be doing going forward.

Safety is my #1 priority for my clients and myself. My industry already follows a high standard of sanitation to stop the spread of disease. Covid19 is now taking that to an even higher level including but not limited to: 

            Added thorough wellness screenings

            One client at a time in the studio.

            Extra sanitizing between clients

            PPE to keep clients and I safe at all times

            Consultations now done over the phone or through facetime or zoom.

            Postponing lip procedures

What did you do over the shutdown? Did you enjoy not putting makeup on everyday? How would you like to experience that everyday and still look great like you were wearing makeup?  Natural permanent makeup treatments are a great solution.

Now more than ever it’s important to look for an artist who will keep you safe.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of permanent makeup, it is essential to have a consultation. This is not a service you want to bargain shop for.  

Click on the “Schedule Now” button to schedule your consultation. We will determine what is right for you.

Makeup trends for 2020

Every year the beauty industry looks forward to what trends the year might bring. While most of us won’t wear makeup in this way, it’s interesting to see the new ideas. Here are a few predictions from a beauty watcher on instagram.

Brightly Colored Mascara – Black mascara takes a back seat.  A bright color mascara such as blue, green, purple and even pink or orange can give the eyes an interesting look.

Neon – While the neon colors have been around for a while, there is a minimalist trend happening with them. For example, using just a hint of neon eyeshadow in the corners of the eye instead of over the whole eyelid.

Pink Lips – Red lip color has been popular for several years. Now a really bright pink is starting to emerge as a favorite. Try a hot pink with blue undertones. Using a matte lipstick will have a little more staying power than a creamy one.

Floating Eyeliner – This is an interesting trend. Instead of having eyeliner just on the lash line, we are seeing ”floating” eyeliner. Eyeliner is placed on the eyelid just above the crease above the lash line. It’s especially dramatic when it’s a bright neon or pastel color.

Structured Brows – Bushy, unkempt brows of years past are giving way to a structured strong and polished look. Using clear gels, hairs are groomed into place giving a groomed polished look.

Pink Blush all over – A bright pink blush isn’t just for your cheeks. This trend is seeing the blush all over. Blush is placed under the eyebrow bone, temples, and forehead in addition to the cheeks. Using the same color all over gives a dramatic look.

While the trends can be fascinating and possibly desirable, one would never want to have them applied with permanent makeup. Permanent Makeup is best suited to create a classic natural look. That way you have a base look that is always flattering and then you can apply topical makeup to follow the trends if you want. Most of the bad looking permanent makeup is when someone ventured too far into a trend.

Many women don’t think permanent makeup is for them or they don’t know what to look for. Permanent makeup is customized and personalized to each persons desired look. A qualified permanent makeup artist can show you photos of their work and take the time to answer your questions.

Have fun with this years trends if you decide to try them!

De-Stressing the Holidays

Lights are twinkling. Homes are decorated with trees and greenery. Everywhere you look you see signs of the holidays — but you may also be feeling burdened. Instead of appreciating the sparkle of the season, you’re busy agonizing over how to shop for the perfect gifts, take the kids or grandkids to every fun Christmas event and perfectly prepare your home for hosting guests.

It’s true that there’s a lot to do every holiday season. But we’re letting the stress and the “must dos” interfere with what’s supposed to be a pleasant time for ourselves and our families. In a survey conducted by Healthline, 62 percent of people said their stress levels were “very or somewhat” higher during the holidays. Only 10 percent of people said they had no holiday-related stress!

Avoid enduring the stress and look for the ways to simply enjoy the season. Reduce the stress and experience the magic by finding ways to minimize your workload and save time.

* Set priorities for your time. Decide as a family on one  (okay, maybe two) events you’d like to make time for. Maybe that’s Storybook Land or a holiday craft fair. Sprinkle in a holiday party or two and you’ll be set. Minimize the “have tos” on your calendar.

* Not everything has to be homemade. If holiday baking is giving you more anxiety than delight, don’t think twice about getting your goods from a local bakery. Not everyone must produce Pinterest-worthy Christmas cookies.

* Consider ways to reduce the time you spend doing housework or getting ready for guests. For example, you could hire a cleaning service for the holidays.

* Simplify your personal self care routine. How can you always look great without spending lots of time? Permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyes and lips is a great solution. When you work with Cheryl, you’ll ensure that the intricate work of making you look beautiful day and night is done professionally.


Feeling whole again-after breast cancer

Breast cancer patients find themselves navigating a whole new world, even after successful treatment. How can you get back to looking and feeling your best after you’ve just been through so much?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a good time to talk about some of those details. Following surgery — whether for a single or double mastectomy — you and your medical team may determine that breast reconstruction is right for you.

Here’s where Permanent Makeup plays an important role. Permanent Makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic or paramedical tattoo, can be used to recolor the areola and nipple area after breast reconstruction, giving you a more natural look.

  • With a single mastectomy, we work to match the color and size of the existing areola.
  • With a double mastectomy, we can help you design the areola color and placement.
  • Scarring can also be camouflaged with permanent makeup techniques.

Best of all, the technology behind Permanent Makeup lets us achieve some amazing and very realistic outcomes that appear 3D!

Here are a few queries about using Permanent Makeup for Areola Repigmentation that many patients have:

Will my insurance cover this procedure?

Yes! Most insurance plans cover Areola Repigmentation because it is considered part of the overall medical treatment for breast cancer.

Will it hurt?

Most patients don’t experience pain. Topical anesthetics are used to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

How do you find the right person to do Areola Repigmentation?

Areola Repigmentation should be performed by a trained and highly qualified permanent makeup professional. Select a professional permanent cosmetic specialist who is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), the worldwide association dedicated to professional practice in the field. You’ll also want to meet with the practitioner you’re considering to review actual client photos and ask questions. Never select a permanent makeup professional based solely on who has the lowest price; this isn’t a procedure you want to bargain shop for.

After Areola Repigmentation, many patients share that they feel whole again. If you or someone you love is a breast cancer survivor, this Permanent Makeup procedure is worth considering to enhance your confidence and help you completely recover from your challenging journey.

Cheryl Lohman,CPCP of Oregon Permanent Makeup is an Oregon Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist and Esthetician, and is a Lifetime Member in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. For more information you can reach her at 541-740-1639 or visit her website at

What’s the Right Age for Permanent Makeup?

These warm summer days can make looking great a challenge. Eyeliner gets smudged, eyebrow color disappears and lipstick wears right off as the temperatures climb. Maybe you’ve thought about how nice it would be to have permanent makeup that doesn’t sweat off. What’s holding you back?

For some people, it’s thinking they’re not the “right” age. The good news is that — as long as you’re an adult over 18 — there’s no issue with getting permanent makeup applied. Clients range in age from young adults to seniors – even quite a few who are in their 90’s. If your skin is in good condition, you could be a great candidate for permanent makeup and enjoy the ease and convenience it offers.

Permanent makeup could be right for you if:

  • You love being outdoors, are athletic or a gardener, especially in the summer, and your applied makeup sweats off easily.
  • You’d like to look younger with attractive permanent color for eyes, brows and lips that doesn’t wash off.
  • Your lip area is less defined and your natural color has faded; you’d like to regain that beautiful smile.
  • Your eyebrows have lightened or thinned or are no longer symmetrical. Adding natural looking brows can make you look years younger.
  • Drawing on eyeliner, lip liner and brows is difficult, whether that’s because of an unsteady hand, declining eyesight or just struggling to get the lines perfect.
  • You lead a busy lifestyle and welcome the time savings that comes with permanent makeup. (10 mins a day adds up to 60 hours a year)

Keep in mind that older skin may take a bit longer to heal. It’s important to allow 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing. No worries…. You’ll look great during the healing process. It’s also not uncommon for women to need a minor touchup after healing to ensure that pigmentation is even.

When you’re ready for permanent makeup, look for an experienced artist with an extensive portfolio and have a consultation. A permanent cosmetic specialist who is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) will have the expertise you need to have success with permanent makeup on skin of any age. Don’t decide on a permanent makeup artist based on the lowest price; instead, look for a practitioner who has many photos of previous work and can answer all your questions.

Cheryl Lohman,CPCP of Oregon Permanent Makeup is an Oregon Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist and Esthetician, and is a Lifetime Member in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). For more information you can reach her at 541-740-1639 or visit her website at