Clients Speak!

“I love my eyebrows and how I look now! I started feeling so much better about myself that I finally lost 75 pounds that I always wanted to lose.” BR

"I really appreciate how Cheryl explains everything and says when something I’ve asked for won’t be the best result for me…but then offers what would work. I love her honesty. And I love what she has done for me.” CT

“I went to an out-of-state family wedding and a niece who is also a permanent makeup artist discreetly asked me if I’d had my brows done. After I said yes, she said whoever did them did a great job…so natural looking.” LS

"I am thrilled with my eyebrows. Cheryl explained everything and made me feel at ease. I felt no pain – completely worth it!” CS

“I love waking up and ‘seeing’ a face looking at me in the morning.” JJ

“It looks so natural that even my daughter didn’t notice. When I told her, she just thought I had finally learned how to pencil my eyebrows!” – SD

“I love my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. What I didn’t expect is how much time I would save. I calculated I’m saving at least 15 minutes a day-which is over 80 hours a year that I can use elsewhere… amazing! I feel so free and look younger too. Thank you so much Cheryl!”

— OR —

Our Oregon Permanent Cosmetics and Corrective Permanent Makeup Team in Corvallis Oregon