Things are different now

When the editor of the Willamette Living magazine asked me to share about what I did over the shut down or what would be different about my business due to COVID19, it took me back to my school days when we would share about what we did over the summer. Certainly I won’t share all the details of the rollercoaster…but here are a few highlights.

            Eat, sleep, worry, pray, eat sleep some more, (don’t get on the scales)

            Worked on some business planning

            Navigated the EIDL and PPP programs (eyes rolling)

            Built a couple raised beds and planted a vegetable garden

            Painted my kitchen

And now that we are returning to opening businesses, there are some changes my business will be doing going forward.

Safety is my #1 priority for my clients and myself. My industry already follows a high standard of sanitation to stop the spread of disease. Covid19 is now taking that to an even higher level including but not limited to: 

            Added thorough wellness screenings

            One client at a time in the studio.

            Extra sanitizing between clients

            PPE to keep clients and I safe at all times

            Consultations now done over the phone or through facetime or zoom.

            Postponing lip procedures

What did you do over the shutdown? Did you enjoy not putting makeup on everyday? How would you like to experience that everyday and still look great like you were wearing makeup?  Natural permanent makeup treatments are a great solution.

Now more than ever it’s important to look for an artist who will keep you safe.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of permanent makeup, it is essential to have a consultation. This is not a service you want to bargain shop for.  

Click on the “Schedule Now” button to schedule your consultation. We will determine what is right for you.