Makeup trends for 2020

Every year the beauty industry looks forward to what trends the year might bring. While most of us won’t wear makeup in this way, it’s interesting to see the new ideas. Here are a few predictions from a beauty watcher on instagram.

Brightly Colored Mascara – Black mascara takes a back seat.  A bright color mascara such as blue, green, purple and even pink or orange can give the eyes an interesting look.

Neon – While the neon colors have been around for a while, there is a minimalist trend happening with them. For example, using just a hint of neon eyeshadow in the corners of the eye instead of over the whole eyelid.

Pink Lips – Red lip color has been popular for several years. Now a really bright pink is starting to emerge as a favorite. Try a hot pink with blue undertones. Using a matte lipstick will have a little more staying power than a creamy one.

Floating Eyeliner – This is an interesting trend. Instead of having eyeliner just on the lash line, we are seeing ”floating” eyeliner. Eyeliner is placed on the eyelid just above the crease above the lash line. It’s especially dramatic when it’s a bright neon or pastel color.

Structured Brows – Bushy, unkempt brows of years past are giving way to a structured strong and polished look. Using clear gels, hairs are groomed into place giving a groomed polished look.

Pink Blush all over – A bright pink blush isn’t just for your cheeks. This trend is seeing the blush all over. Blush is placed under the eyebrow bone, temples, and forehead in addition to the cheeks. Using the same color all over gives a dramatic look.

While the trends can be fascinating and possibly desirable, one would never want to have them applied with permanent makeup. Permanent Makeup is best suited to create a classic natural look. That way you have a base look that is always flattering and then you can apply topical makeup to follow the trends if you want. Most of the bad looking permanent makeup is when someone ventured too far into a trend.

Many women don’t think permanent makeup is for them or they don’t know what to look for. Permanent makeup is customized and personalized to each persons desired look. A qualified permanent makeup artist can show you photos of their work and take the time to answer your questions.

Have fun with this years trends if you decide to try them!